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Why should you have a professional website? 

Firstly, to reinforce your business Brand.  The moment a customer visits your site, its every element should strengthen what your brand is all about and make you stand out from the rest. To ensure your message is communicated to your customers clearly. Excellent typography is the mark of good web design. Secondly, to make sure

Web hosting terminology made simple

New to web hosting? Here are some of the most common terms used… Bandwidth A term used by web hosts to describe how much data can pass from the server your website is hosted on to people visiting your web site. This includes the files that make up your website as well as any data

The importance of having a website for businesses

A surprising fact is how many businesses do not have a website. You would think that in this digital modern era everybody would know how important a website is for a business. It is clearly not the case and any business that does not have a professionally designed website is missing out on a powerful